xfce4 clean uninstall -- (only to reinstall :)

nestu the_new_guiri at yahoo.es
Sun May 25 19:52:37 CEST 2003

>Hi there,
Hi, Peter ;)

>I have one question .. I used the update-xfce script
>with the -A option and i don't really know where all
>the xfce software went... is there any way to remove
>all traces?
Well, if you check the script's help (update-xfce or update-xfce -h), you
should see these options:
  -R               Removes sources (make uninstall).
  -c               Cleans sources (make distclean).
Also, at the bottom of the help, it does explain what -A option means:
"( update-xfce -A <-> update-xfce -DC -b ${HOME} )"

>Thanks already,
np ;))) BTW, I'm terrible sorry about how long I've took to answer. I'm rather
packed with work lately...
C U!
nestu ;)

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