Repeating keystrokes

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Sun Mar 23 12:23:43 CET 2003


It's not a problem with xfce, there is a bug somewhere in between the
bios, X and the kernel.

It's a known problem (a quick google search will give you some hints,
and it seems Xaccess is a workarroutd. This problem shows regularly on
the Toshiba list).

I think it shows in xfce because xfce changes the repeat rate. You could
simple remove the keyboard plugin and see if the problem arises again.


On Sun, 2003-03-23 at 11:20, Michael Jakl wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 23, 2003 at 10:10:08AM +0100, Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> > Keyboard repeat rate is set from the settings dialog (start it from the
> > desktop menu, the panel move handler right click menu or by running
> > xfce-settings-show).
> I guess the "problem" isn't a proper repeat rate, but a little "hang"
> somewhere in the system.
> I'll try to describe it a little bit concretely:
> First occurrence:
> I use galeon (1.2.8) to post some articles to a forum, when I press
> backspace (with normal repeat rate I would guess to delete about 5 chars), 
> the cursor deletes nearly the whole line (or more).
> I've also tried it without any window manager (failsafe xterm :-) I
> don't get that behaviour.
> You could try it at any vBulletin forum. Write a few lines and try
> deleting some chars.
> Second occurrence:
> I'm using eclipse with (gtk2 version) to write some java programs, now
> when I indent a whole block with tabulator, sometimes 3-4 tabs are recognized.
> or
> When I'm switching the workspaces with Ctrl+Alt+left/right sometimes I'm
> stepping over a workspace (one with a "fat" proggie like eclipse or
> galeon). I'm able to get on this workspace when I'm to pressing the key
> *really* short (or use the mouse :-).
> I'm not sure, but I think it appears when XFce was running a long time -
> but it's not really reproduceable.
> I've tried to set the repeat rate  for the keyboard down (very slow),
> with this setting the galeon problem is gone, but this setting isn't
> really useable :-(.
> BTW is it usefull to somebody that the keyboard repeat rate "middle" is
> so fast, so that when I try delelete a few chars at once (with backspace)
> the whole line is gone? Oh, and there is no significant speedup between
> setting "middle" and "fast"... .
> I'm sorry I can't give a better description, and I really don't know if
> it is xfce specific (but I guess so). It's also possible that it's a
> galeon and eclipse problem, but what about the workspace issue?
> Michael
Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at>

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