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Philip Dean pdengineer at
Wed Mar 19 16:37:45 CET 2003

Just out of curiosity, is there a reason XFce4 does not use the center (third) mouse button at all?  I know there was some conversation regarding assigning menus that popup on the desktop.  If I may, I have another request that I don't think should be too difficult.

As it is, there is a setting for the action that triggers with a double click on the title bar.  Would it be possible to add an action for a middle (third) button click?  It is nice being able to double click to maximize the window and also middle click to shade it.  It seems it would be natural to assign actions to both left and center clicks and not just the left.

This is just by two cents.  For the way I use my DE it is very much missed in XFce4.

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