Feature requests and bugs. (a lot of)

edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Mon Mar 10 17:21:14 CET 2003

El sáb, 08-03-2003 a las 15:54, Rob Park escribió:
> I have some suggestions, too ;)
> Alas! Väinö Järvelä spake thus:
> > - File context menu should be restructured in XFFM. File operations
> >   should be the default menu under the cursor when you popup the menu.
> >   And please, add remove/delete in the menu.
> Yes! I want to be able to delete files with XFFM, not just copy and
> rename them ;)

Currently you can delete by using the the toolbar, main menu, popupmenu,
or the keyboard delete key. The need for restructuring the popup menu is
old soup.

> What's the point of the trashcan feature if there's no way to put files
> into it? (at least, none that I can see).

Just means you don't understand the xffm trashbin concept.It is not a
gnome/kde/windows trash can. Xffm works with wastebaskets. Each room (or
directory has it's own wastebasket. If you want to collect trash into
the general trash bin, you use the popup menu to collect trash from the
selected directory tree (and only that tree). The xffm trash bin concept
is a way to organize those wastebaskets lying all over the place. 


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