Chris de Vidal cdevidal at
Wed Jun 11 07:03:47 CEST 2003

--- Francois Le Clainche <fleclainche at> wrote:
> I've managed to make my dual-headed video card to work, and I've
> rebuild XFce 4 enabling xinerama support. 
> I use 2 monitors with different resolutions.
> Many things work fine :
> - the taskbar only appears on one screen

Hm.  Mine stretched across 2 screens, but I'm running cvs from 4/21/2003
(Debian unstable).  I'll try a newer CVS copy.

The solution was to use the iconbox instead.  I almost prefer it... well, I
miss seeing the program's name; no biggie.

> - the taskbar is hidden in the bottom dead area of the smaller
>   screen if I set it to appear at the bottom

Since my smaller monitor is to the left and slightly below my bigger right-hand
monitor, new windows like to appear in the upper-left corner off-screen in the
dead area.

Could you change your smaller monitor to begin 100 pixels down and confirm

Glad I'm not insane (;

"GNU/Linux is free freedom" --Me

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