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Wed Jun 11 13:42:23 CEST 2003

Le mardi 10 juin 2003 à 22:03, Chris de Vidal a écrit:

Hi, Chris

> Hm.  Mine stretched across 2 screens, but I'm running cvs from 4/21/2003
> (Debian unstable).  I'll try a newer CVS copy.

This one has been resolved later :

I'm actually using CVS from last night.

> Since my smaller monitor is to the left and slightly below my bigger right-hand
> monitor, new windows like to appear in the upper-left corner off-screen in the
> dead area.

Dead area really does not seem to be used here (a window never
disappears), excepted the taskbar and the iconbox.

> Could you change your smaller monitor to begin 100 pixels down and confirm
> this?

Hm... how do you do that ? :) (you can answer in private).
I've tried several ways with no success.

> Glad I'm not insane (;

Probably not ;)


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