xfce4 development

Lakin Wecker nikal at telusplanet.net
Tue Jan 28 20:52:55 CET 2003

Just wanted to put my two cents in.  

I used xfce3 only for a short period of time on a computer that had not
enough computing power for anything else.  I enjoyed it's quick startup
time, and ability to run on computers with less memory.  

I did however think gtk1.2 was incredibly ugly. Even when themed.

I'm finding xfce4 very usable, and it looks great.  It also seems to run
nearly as fast as xfce3.  Ok, maybe not quite as fast, but I can be
halfway through my first email before my friend's kde3 installation
boots up.  Which IMHO is great.

Just wanted to say thanks to the xfce development team for giving me a
useable pretty desktop which I'm soon going to be putting on my low
resource computer again. 

Lakin Wecker <nikal at telusplanet.net>

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