Re 2: xfce4 development

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Tue Jan 28 18:48:21 CET 2003

El mar, 28-01-2003 a las 11:08, edscott wilson garcia escribió:
> El mar, 28-01-2003 a las 03:23, Olivier Fourdan escribió:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > We now should enter a feature freeze for xfce4. 
> > 
> > It doesn't mean that all developpment should stop right now, but rather mean we
> > should concentrate on cleanup up the code, fixing remaining bugs, chase memory
> > leaks, implement stuff that have been pending and required for a final release.
> > 
> I was just preparing to start introducing the SMB network feature for
> xffm (you will notice the changes in the CVS directory structure). But
> this feature will probably take more than a month to complete, so I'll
> put it on standby and concentrate on the bugs and the
> internationalization.

It seems that my commit last night aborted after I left it running and
went off to bed. Just as well. I'll postpone the directory restructuring


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