Hacking together better menu support in xfdesktop?

tom tom at unhooked.net
Thu Jan 23 11:30:24 CET 2003

Jasper Huijsmans said:
> Hi Mark,

> I think it would be really nice to have a temporary (until botsie
> finishes his menu parser) menu generator that uses the existing
> xfdeskmenurc format, without gnome, kde and themes menus, just
> launchers, submenus and separators, and exit I think, although you could
> also just add that at the bottom of the menu always.
> I you are interested and don't mind getting your code ripped out at a
> later time, I would gladly put it in xfdesktop.

The think I liked most about deskmenu was that it put what I wanted in
the menu, not all the cruft that KDE and GNOME thought I should have.

I have a stong dislike for all those little resource files the KDE people
are so fond of. Could we have  context switches like -nokde -nognome -userc?

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