Hacking together better menu support in xfdesktop?

Biju Chacko botsie at myrealbox.com
Thu Jan 23 05:14:06 CET 2003

On 22 Jan 2003 20:50:25 -0500, Mark C. Chu-Carroll wrote:

> I was looking over xfdesktop, because I really hate xterm, and wanted
> to have it launch some other terminal. Looking over the code, it looks
> like putting together a simple menu parser for extending the xfdesktop
> left-button menu might be a manageable task. Would it interfere with
> anything that anyone else out there is working on for me to take a
> shot at that?

Um ... I'm actually working on a menu parser to conform to the standards
defined at freedesktop.org. However, it's slow going so if you want to
take a shot at it go right ahead. Let's not have the entire XFce
community waiting on me.

A few thoughts about such a menu:

It will need to inter-operate with the desktop biggies, GNOME and KDE. I
am not in favour of the XFce3/XFDeskmenu approach of having our menu
have the GNOME/KDE menus as an extra attachment. I think it would be
desirable for XFce to inter-operate at an equal footing with the other
desktops. That would make life easier for both users and distro makers.

That comes down to conforming to the VFolder specification at
freedesktop.org. Thats what needs to be done for the final production
version of XFce4.

I can see the utility of a simple rcfile based menu that can be hacked
up in a day or two. It would give us something to use *now* and take
some pressure off of me. The latter is not necessarily a good thing. ;-)

-- b

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