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edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Fri Feb 7 15:50:10 CET 2003

El vie, 07-02-2003 a las 07:32, Olivier Fourdan escribió:
> Hi all,
> Since the list is very quiet, I'd like to take the opportunity to ask
> everyone working on xfce4 to provide a status on the work in progress so
> we can think of a release schedule :)
> As for myself, I consider xfwm4 to be complete now. I now focus of bug
> fixes, small optimizations and code cleanup (and all these are almost
> complete - So if anyone has a complain about xfwm4 misbehaving say it
> clear and loud now :)

When I select a window style like mofit, and try to use the radio
buttons of the xfce manager to turn on the close button, it does not
work. I might be doing something wrong, but a warning dialog telling me
I cannot change the mofit button layout (or any other I've tried) would
be nice.

A long shot wish would be the following:
I'm using the beastie and tux window styles(It's really great to tab
windows). What would be better still would be the ability to move the
tab to the left or right on a selectable basis (by dragging, for

> Edscott, any news on xffm ? I think the property window is missing (not
> talking about the pref dialog, but the dialog that gives access to
> file/folder properties) - What's your timeline for completing the
> missing features ?

I think the properties window can be transplanted from xftree with
relative ease. 

> Do you need help for mcs, for example ?

That would be nice. Having a plugin made for xffm which I could just
modify would give me a real good head start. That way I could
concentrate more on the xffm side of receiving the changes.

a tentative timetable would be to have the properties function and a
simple preferences scheme (sans mcs) by Monday 10 feb. 02:00 GMT. The
mcs part would take me a bit more. Maybe 1-2 weeks to make the xffm
plugin from scratch, and another week to implement the changes on the
xffm side.

> Botsie, how long to you think the menu stuff will take ?
> Jasper, the xfce4-panel looks fairly good. Anything that you plan to
> add/fix/remove ? As for the trash, since the panel uses plugins, it
> might very be an xffm plugin for the panel.

I was thinking about writing one (no timetable). The dbh dependency
Jasper doesn't like could be easily avoided by hacking up the code
(which would not be too many lines). And once I understand the way
plugins work, maybe even use them for the toolbar buttons in xffm, and
thus be able to directly hook up with the the xfce4-panel plugins (size
"tiny") and the panel themes.

> As Jasper rightly pointed, we still have some documentation to write.
> And the missing various scripts like startxfce4, xfhelp(4?), xfterm(4?)
> etc.

I really need to write docs to explain how the trash works in xffm. But
I still don't know what editor to use to edit the source files, what
format to use and how to convert to html. This should take me about a
week to figure out once I get started.



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