Debian Packages for xfce4-session

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Sat Dec 13 12:25:54 CET 2003

Oliver M. Bolzer wrote:
> Hi!

Hey Oliver,

> I've createed Debian packages of xfce4-session and have filed
> an ITP (Intend to Package) with Before I upload them
> for inclusion into the archive, I would like interested people
> to try the packages out. They are available at

Please update your package to the latest CVS (atleast a post 20031211 
version), since prior versions contain a bug that makes xfce4-session 
crash (and leave the session data in an unusable state) upon launch of 
xfce4-session while xfce4-session is already running.


BTW: I've imported your manual pages to xfce CVS.

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