xfwm: key binding to raise/lower windows

Michael Smith michael at hurts.ca
Wed Aug 20 19:41:25 CEST 2003


I've got xfce4-rc2 installed under gentoo-ppc. It starts up ridiculously
fast on my old iBook. Woot. :)

I've copied the default keythemerc to
~/.themes/xfwm4/custom.keys/keythemerc and selected custom.keys as my
keytheme. I normally have key bindings (Ctrl+Alt+a/Ctrl+Alt+z) set up to
lower and raise windows, so I can switch focus with the mouse in one hand
and raise/lower windows in the other.

I noticed there was no option for this in xfwm4 yet, so I added it. I've
attached a patch that enables setting of raise_window_key and
lower_window_key in the keythemerc.

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