more nedit dialog problems

Ric fhj52ads at
Sat Aug 16 03:16:08 CEST 2003


When "Save As..." is selected the text dialog to type in the name does
not get focus. No typed characters can be entered.  The file selection
windows allow one to choose a file and that name is entered into the
dialog but it cannot be edited.
Also, normally, the cursor blinks in the text widget but now it is

Apparently it is not nedit at fault because I checked it in Gnome and
it works normally. I know that is not a great reference but it is the
only other gtk+2 DE I have.

This could have been a problem for a week or more because I very rarely
use "Save as..." since I am almost always editing the file(s) directly
and :. only use "Save"(actually, CTRL-S).

I will try to find out the cause and do some more tests to see if I can
make the problem go away but I thought I should mention it now in case
there is someone who might know what the cause could be.

Any ideas?

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