xffm issues

Danny danny.milo at gmx.net
Fri Aug 15 22:30:33 CEST 2003

Hi, Edscott ! :)

Here are a few things I found out while moving data (~100 GB in small
files) out of one (damaged) partition to another one O_O

1) the file manager has folder "a" marked and opened, however when I go
to a shell, delete the folder (among others, with wildcards): xffm

2) newly added files go even above the ".." entry... is that intentional

3) the order which the folder is usually sorted will be distorted by
dropping new files into the folder (thats good), but the menu thinks
they are still sorted and doesnt let me really sort them f.e.by name
again (thats bad)

4) what is the keyboard shortcut for "rename" ? What about
re-implementing shortcut-by-pressing-key-in-popup in the future;)

5) the file is not selected anymore after renaming, which is bad when I
rename a file and then intend to move it (f.e. when renaming 1000504905
from lost+found to dtt001.zip and intending to move it to "dtt"...)

6) when dragging a folder, the view does not scroll when I reach the
borders - f. e. if I want to drop it into a folder which is not
currently in the visible area (I bet this is gtk issue)

7) when marking multiple files, and then using the mouse to drag the
selection, the selection gets reset to 1 file... I suppose this is a gtk
issue, but anyways... aaargh annoying;)

8) when moving a directory, and the file permissions of any subdirectory
disallows moving/writing-to-directory-list (u-w), then the move is
incomplete as some files remain at the source. If I then drag the
remaining files to the same destination, it asks about overwriting
folders / deleting stuff instead of just updating the already existant

Also, what about automatically doing chmod u+w for moved folders and
subfolders ? (perhaps remembering which and resetting them to the
original state after the move)

9) not having the size of the contents of each folder, I managed to fill
up my backup partition all the time because I just didn't know on a whim
what size the folders were... (yes I know about the "calculate size"
menu item)

10) there is a "scp before rsync" option which implies that scp is
supported, but how to connect to a host via scp using xffm ? :)

Everything else works fine though :)


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