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Ric fhj52ads at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 8 08:54:13 CEST 2003

Hi Benny et al:

It seems to me that xfsm is taking quite a bit longer to get everything
going - that's okay, to be expected as the depth and breadth of the
application grows.
However, I was thinking that, for some of us, a really nice picture to
look at during the login startup might be kinda nice.  I do not really
like mice.  They're okay but, well, I have created a half a dozen or so
'themes' from some pics I collected, geez, a loooonng time ago.  The
original source, sadly, is gone and as far as I know, all the pics are
in the public domain.  There was no copyright attached to them then or,
as far as I know, now.

I used jpg format and reduced it some more with the gimp(png are just
too big) so I think they are as small as they can get in

Oh, I made an archive out of all of them and of course tested them here
but, well, you know how that goes.  Since the total is ~300k, I thought
posting them to the list was a bad idea and placed the archive at lycos


(very limited BW...)

Enjoy. :)

Have A Great Day!

Mondale knew this was gonna be a bad day when he called 
Dial-a-Prayer and the taped message answered him by name.
 -- Bob Hope, 1903-2003

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