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Sun Aug 3 17:49:03 CEST 2003

On Fri, 2003-08-01 at 23:10, Jacek Masiulaniec wrote:
> _Olivier Fourdan_ napisał:
> >> So can I make xfwm4 to treat transient windows the way you are
> >> describing?
> > Nope, it's not an option.
> And will it be? Or is it just another design assumption that such things
> should be controlled only by applications [like in sticky window issue]?

It's no design assumption. Let me try to explain...

Transient windows are a special kind of windows. They are used by apps
to display dialogs, and as you know dialogs aren't just regular windows.

Dialog are used to prompt the user, display messages, etc. 

It's up to the window manager to take this into account. For example,
xfwm4 treat transient a really special way. With xfwm4, transients are
always displayed with their master window. They can't be hidden
separatly (why? because if the app decided to show a transient, the
window manager should not give the user a way to hide it, the
application execpt some reaction from the user). Transients can't be
lowered beyond their master window (Why? Same reason...). etc.

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