Mandrake 9.2 beta 1 out -where is XFce4?!?

Ric fhj52ads at
Sat Aug 2 07:46:24 CEST 2003

Hi all, Olivier:

I checked MDK cooker mirror (proxad) just now, again,  and  there is no
XFce4!  I did not realize MDK beta time was so close.  

I suspect this was as a result of XFce4 requiring "gtk2" rather than
"gtk+2", and MDK not using "virtual package gtk2 ", BICBW. 
However,  as of July 10, MDK (Frederic) added the RH compatibility (
"gtk2" in addition to "gtk+2" ) so there s/b no reason anymore for
XFce4 not to be in MDK 9.2.
[BTW, I'm downloading the beta to another system for testing so I'll
have the skinny mañana.]
Please, enlighten me if there is some other reason.(?)

I think getting XFce4 into MDK 9.2 is important for both Mandrake and
for XFce(4) for a number of reasons that I will not enumerate(most are

And, <Presidential pause>, XFce4 should be released before 9.2 even
gets to the beta2 stage, correct?

Olivier, have you discussed this with MDK's xfce3 packager Olivier
Thauvin <thauvin at>  already?  Is there anything that
can be done to change the current situation?

Have A Great Day!

Mondale knew this was gonna be a bad day when he called 
Dial-a-Prayer and the taped message answered him by name.
 -- Bob Hope, 1903-2003

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