xfwm bugs ???

Tick theaterfire at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 15 05:58:34 CEST 2003

--- Ladanyi Akos <la330 at hszk.bme.hu> wrote:
> I've found two oddities when using xfce4:

I haven't tried to reproduce those problems, but I've noticed a few of my
own in xfce4.  I'm using a CVS snapshot from last week, and I use the
focus follows cursor, raise on focus, and click to raise options.

If my cursor is over window 1 and I alt-tab to window 2, either focus will
not change to window 2 or window 2 will raise and have focus until the
raise timeout expires, at which time window 1 will raise and focus itself.
 The effect is that the keyboard cannot change focus unless the mouse
cursor is over the new, focused window.

The second problem I have is that Licq will raise itself on an incoming
message, but xfwm4 also gives it focus at that time.  The proper behavior
is for Licq to raise itself without claiming focus.  When this happens,
focus does not snap back to the window under the mouse cursor, even after
the raise timeout.

Neither of these problems were present in the CVS version from which I've
just upgraded.  That was a version from, oh, perhaps last fall.

I'm trying to figure out the xfwm4 code structure to get a better picture
of what's happening, but I'm having some difficulty.  What does the
TRACE() function do, and how do I enable it?  I can't seem to find a
function declaration anywhere in the xfwm4 source.  Also, what is the
driving logic inside the raise timeout callback system?  It seems that
reset_timeout() enables the timer, clear_timeout() disables it, and
raise_cb() is the callback function that's called when the timer expires. 

Now, does this timer just run and expire and run and expire all the time,
or does it eventually get shut down when an app takes focus?  Is the timer
turned on when the cursor enters another window?  It seems like it's not
getting turned off properly, and is re-focusing window 1 when the keyboard
switches focus to window 2.  I've played with increasing the scope of
clear_timeout() and calling it from clientCycle() (client.c), but to no
avail.  I could use a nudge in the right direction. =)

Otherwise, kudos on XFCE4.  I've been using 4 for quite some time after
upgrading from 3, and it's a pleasure.  Especially since the coldsteel wm
theme is that much closer to my favorite E theme, bluesteel. =)  The new
iconbox is also handy for times when the window just doesn't need to be on
the screen.  Otherwise I'm a very heavy windowshader.


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