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Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Tue Apr 8 21:39:46 CEST 2003


Moving the panel slightly off screen is definitely the wrong way to go.
That wouldn't make much sense on systems that use Xinerama with a
top/bottom layout.

Hiding the panel is not any better and a bit overhead.

The only way to do this "properly" IMO, is the put all the panel widgets
is a "top" container that can be hidden when the panel is "autohidden"
and visible otherwise. Then to resize the main panel window. This is
what I did in the taskbar code, you might want to take a look at this,
it's fairly simple.

Note that the hiding side depends on the panel position. For example, in
the top half on the screen, in horizontal mode, the panel should hide to
the top, while on the right half in vertical mode, it should hide to the

Using the method describe above, one wouldn't even need to move the
panel to a screen edge when hidden. Using a small timeout for hide/show,
the panel could be left at its current position (the timeout would be
used to detect when the mouse just "flies" over the panel.


On Tue, 2003-04-08 at 18:49, Erik Touve wrote:
> >> Why can't I move the panel off or partially off the screen?  I'm
> >> assumeing its some sort of master controller out of my reach that's
> >> checkin the window and repositing it so that it's always onscreen. 
> >> Since this isn't C++ and this panel is defined globally, I'm having
> >> trouble tracking down the culprit.
> >> 
> >That would probably be the window manager. Anyway, what I think you
> >should do is hide the panel and create a new empty window of a few
> >pixels high with the same width as the panel and put that on the edge of
> >the screen.
> I was thinking it would be really nice to be able to animate the panel as it hides... sort of like Windows... a slow transition to hidden.  I have also tried to make a new window the same width... it works better and is a little more free to size and position for some reason, I just couldn't get the signal handler to work with it.  Argh.
> >> When I create a new window, attach a signal handler for mouse focus,
> >> why won't my new window get the signal called?  Is there another place
> >> I need to register with?
> >>
> >Sounds like that should work. By the way, I think you may want >to use
> >the enter-notify and leave-notify events instead.
> I'll zero in on these, thanks.
> >If you send me some code I could have a look at it and see if I >can find
> >something.
> Ok.  Let me try the things above and if I run into any more problems I'll email you the code.
> Thanks,
> Erik
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