[XFCE4 CVS] minor updates

Xavier MAILLARD zedek at fxgsproject.org
Wed Sep 18 17:03:16 CEST 2002

Jasper Huijsmans <jasper at moongroup.com> disait récemment que :

> Hi ZeDek,

Hi jasper,

> Xavier MAILLARD wrote:
>> Hi,
>> As promised, configuration is now handled for the clock module.
>> We can now store/read the xfce4rc file to get the clock module
>> configuration and we can in the configuration dialog apply/revert
>> changes.
> Thanks.

You're welcome :)

>> Note that the write_config/read_config are only done once a panel
>> session. Actually the read process is done at init time and the
>> write_config is done when exiting the panel. This may change in not so
>> far future. Don't report any bugs due to a no-write/read process "on the
>> fly" whenever you quit the clock configuration dialog.
> Huh, what do you mean? User's don't notice read/write activity. It is
> saved as often as needed and as little as possible. If not that's a
> bug!

I thought the configuration was written only once per panel "session"
actually I thought it was only done at exiting. May I be wrong ?

>> The bugs related to display problem have not been succesfully
>> fixed/tested for me (yet) so I prefer not to commit the things. A
>> beginning of a solution may have been found thanks to jasper but I
>> didn't get time to try/apply it.
> Don't worry too much. There will be an API addition to deal with
> variable width modules. Basically modules get the change to tell the
> panel their minimum width and height.

If I can be of any help please don't hesitate.

>> Please report any problem related to clock configuration either in the
>> ML (prefered way) or directly to me. Another way to contact me or any
>> member of the xfce core team is IRC (irc.openprojects.net #xfce).
> heheh, the xfce core team, eh? I wonder who that may be.

I know this may be a "lot" to say a core team but how can we call the 2
Xfce guys ? :) You and Olivier are forming a small core team :)

> Thanks,
> 	Jasper
>> Enjoy !
>> Cheers,
>> zeDek

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