libxfcegui4 v 0.0.4 in CVS

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Mon Oct 21 10:17:42 CEST 2002

Hi Jasper,

> Am I correct thinking the tasklist cannot group applications in one
> button (that's a very important feature IMHO)?

Nope, you're wrong here. It's an option. In the example it defaults to "pack
when missing room". You can change that.

> I couldn't find net hints to define struts. As it is now xfwm4
> sometimes
> places windows under a dock type panel, which is difficult if that
> panel
> is on the top of the screen. Is there a function to set this?

You're right, you need to use struts. But do you really need a function to
define this ? I mean, it's an array and an atom. But we can add this anyway.

> Just playing with the code I got this screenshot:

Nice. I've been thinking of a module for the panel, similar to the desktop
buttons, but that would use the pager instead. Quite easy to do I think.

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