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Wed Oct 16 14:41:32 CEST 2002

On Wed, 2002-10-16 at 06:43, Biju Chacko wrote:

> I've been trying to hack up a taskbar. I've got something working, but
> it doesn't integrate well (visually) with XFce. I think we need to
> develop a consensus on:
> 	* whether we want a task bar
> 	* whether it should be visually independent or part of the panel or
> both.
> Personally, I prefer having icons on the desktop. I dislike the
> windows-ish look of taskbars. So if we are to have a taskbar, I would
> prefer to have one that is part of the panel.

	IMHO...  Ok, make that IMNSHO, I like the functionality the taskbar
currently has.  It is part of the panel and can be open or closed there
but it can also be detached and run in standalone mode.  I really do not
like having icons on the desktop, other than icon's for windows/apps. 
Having an icon on the desktop to launch an app is very counter
productive to the desktop metaphor.  I know that in real life we techies
seem to always have piles of papers and other crap on our desks all
organized in some completely random way known only to the evil twin of
the techie.

	However, our computers really should be as clean as possible so that
the only things on the desktop are the little tools needed to run and
monitor the system (panel, gkrellm, taskbar) so that the desktop only is
used for actually doing something (running apps, 15 gazillion xterms,
the normal techie stuff).

	Anyway, enough rambling.  The answer to your question is I like the way
the taskbar functions in 3.8.18 and would prefer it keep this.

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