Help on changing fonts

Moritz Heiber MisterMoe at
Wed Oct 16 13:24:57 CEST 2002


I'm sorry to bother ya'all again (I asked Olivier the same question a
few weeks ago on IRC) but I really need help. I accidently deleted
almost all files in my homedir yesterday (I experemented with a new
kind of taskbar and I promise I will never do it again :( ) including
all settings for xfce4/xfwm4/gtk2. Today I'm trying to get some of my
old settings back (Working on it now for 4 hours now :/ ) but I can't
remember how to set the font for all applications with the .gtkrc-2.0.
It looks like that at the moment:

include ".gtkrc"

style "titlebar"
  font_name = "Lucida Bold 12"

style "other"
 font_name = "Lucida 11"

widget "*"           style "other"
widget "xfwm"        style "titlebar"

To whatever I change these settings to (f.e. replace Lucida with
Helvetica, this was working before I lost the files) the fonts stay at
the same default settings. Any clue?

Thanks a lot


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