Tip: xfce4-notifyd not rearranging annoyance workaround

ToddAndMargo ToddAndMargo at zoho.com
Tue Jun 20 18:35:16 CEST 2023

*Tip: xfce4-notifyd not rearranging annoyance workaround:*

Fedora 37

*Background*:  when a popup is issued to libnotify,
xfce4-notifyd intercepts it.  xfce4-notifyd changes
the yellow and blue background to white and alters
the font size somewhat.  There may be some transparency
too, but I am not sure.

Problem: as of Fedora 33 (and whatever Xfce is
supported) xfce4-notifyd will no longer re-arrange
popups went you cancel one (“remind me later”,
“done”, etc.).  When a lot of popups occur,
xfce4-notifyd will thereby leave popups right in
the middle of your screen or at the bottom right.
In other word, right where they were to start with.

So you are left with having to write down the popup
on a piece of paper or suffering with the popup in
the middle of your screen.  Prior behavior would be
to mouse over the remaining pops and they would
auto arrange under right the upper right of your

This behavior is especially annoying when you are
using Osmo (a wonderful personal information manager)

This unwanted behavior was reported on issue 154
and currently has a “won’t fix” status.


Kill xfce4-notifyd and let libnotify handle the
pops directly.

      $ kill -9 $( ps ax | grep -i [x]fce4-notifyd | awk '{print $1'} )

Or you can just remove xfce4-notifyd completely:

     $ su root -c "dnf remove xfce4-notifyd"

This restores the previous behavior (happy camping


Here is a example of the previous libnotify behavior
with xfce4-notifyd killed :

Five popups arranged in the upper right:

Center three pops cancelled:

Hope this helps someone else,

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