Cannot use Super key in combinations

cloun cloun108 at
Thu Jul 30 11:07:07 CEST 2020

Hello. There is another problem in XFCE that I can spot.

I cannot use the key <Super> (on most keyboards it is the good old 
Windows key) in the key combinations until the whisker-menu is bound to it.

For example, if I keep the bond and want to use <Super>+D as a 
combination to show the desktop, I will end up with a desktop AND the 
menu. The same if I want to use <Super>+T as a combination to spawn a 
terminal window: the whisker opens as well.

Suggestion: do not process key binds until they are all released. (But 
it may be hard to implement though, because as far as I reckon it is the 
default OnKeyPress behaviour than can be relied on heavily throughout 
the DE).

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