Right click problem

cloun cloun108 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 10:57:36 CEST 2020

Hello. There is a problem with right-click context menus in XFCE, still 
unresolved as I see it in Mint 20.

If a menu happens to be taller than a half-height of the display AND 
mouse pointer is placed within the range of the menu width to the right 
display border, a right-click (tap&release) will automatically select an 
item from the menu that happens to be beneath the mouse pointer at the time.


Example: my resolution is 1366x768, and while I am using Firefox it is 
usual to get quite a menu when I right-click links. Lets say that its 
height is 500 px and width is 250 px.

Suppose we have the X coord of the pointer (from top left corner) > 
(1366-250) = 1116 px. The right edge of the menu then would be attached 
to the right edge of the display.

If the mouse pointer Y coord > 500 px, then the menu will expand 
entirely above the pointer and I am ok.

If the mouse pointer Y coord < (768 - 500) = 268 px, then the menu will 
expand entirely below the pointer and I am ok.

If the damn pointer Y coord happens to be inside the overlap region 
(which is 268 < Y < 500) then the full expansion into either direction 
is not possible, so the problem arises and when I release the right 
mouse, an item will be selected.


This is obviously an unwanted behaviour and I consider it as a bug (but 
you may not, however). It seems there are workarounds available to me as 
the end user because it is an intrinsic mechanics of XFCE, isn't it?

So, I suggest this: if (X mouse > menu width) AND (Y resolution/2 < menu 
height), then expand the context menu **entirely** to the **left** of 
the pointer.

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