Prevent Thunar "Open with" to permanently change the default programme

Robert Moskowitz rgm at
Fri Jul 10 15:57:37 CEST 2020

On 7/10/20 9:48 AM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
> On 10/07/20 14:37, Harald Judt wrote:
>> Am 10.07.20 um 11:39 schrieb Renaud (Ron) OLGIATI:
>>> On Fri, 10 Jul 2020 10:05:59 +0200
>>> Lorenzo Sutton <lorenzofsutton at> wrote:
>>>> Since a few versions I see this behaviour in Thunar: if I open a file
>>>> with the Open with menu and select a programme which is different from
>>>> the default one, that 'new' programme becomes the default one. For
>>>> instance I have most audio files opening by default (i.e. double 
>>>> click)
>>>> with smplayer, if I once I open them via "Open with", say, in sound
>>>> converter, then (Thunar?) sets sound converter as default.
>>>> Any idea on how I can prevent this?
>>> One of the reasons I dropped Thunar, and use PCManFM...
>>> Cheers,
>>> Ron.
>> In fact, thunar does *not* set a default application for open with 
>> without
>> user consent. You would have to check the box in the applications 
>> list dialog
>> before clicking on ok to do so. Probably that is what is missing here.
> I see what you mean, and was missing this because mostly using the 
> menu which already proposes other applications (and therefore has no 
> way to select a default application).
>> As long as no default application is set, it will simply use the last
>> application that you have used to open the file when double-clicking 
>> on it (I
>> think that could also have been used by any other GTK application). 
>> So to fix
>> this, make the application you want to use the default by clicking the
>> "default" checkbox in "Open with other application..."
> There seems to be a caveat though: I cant seem to be able to 
> eventually change that to something else. i.e. if I select the 
> "default" checkbox for an application, then I do open with other 
> application, select a different one and also select the "default" 
> checkbox, the former application is kept as default?

After 'Open with Other Application", clicking on set as default and 
selecting Engrampa, Engrampa is now the default for other .zip.

> On the other hand if I edit by hand $HOME/.config/mimeapps.list and 
> change the first instance of that mime type (i.e. its .desktop entry), 
> that seems to work.
> Lorenzo.
>> Regards,
>> Harald
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