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Sean Davis sean at bluesabre.org
Wed Oct 23 00:07:03 CEST 2019

On Tue, Oct 22, 2019, at 8:19 AM, jEsuSdA 8) wrote:
> Thank you so much for your words.
> I understand a bit better what new CSD roadmap consists.
> I understand your motivations, but I think the problem caused by CSD 
> still there.
> For example (mousepad with CSD):
> https://imgur.com/HHNAFw6.png
> Here you can see some interesting things:
> - Hacking Compton (or another window compositor) you can avoid double 
> shadows, but other related problems persists. I'm using "background 
> blur" and as you can see all around mousepad looks blurred. An effect 
> not welcome.
> But, yes. I understand not all the people will using another window 
> compositor but XFWM. So it is my problem. Maybe if XFWM could be more 
> efficient and configurable I can go back to it in the future.

Yeah, I think there are fixes needed in Compton, but it appears to no longer be maintained.
https://github.com/chjj/compton last commit in 2017.

> - As you can see the appearance of CSD and non-CSD windows are 
> completely different. Mousepad Vs. Pluma. Not the same borders, not the 
> same shadows, not the same window title, not the same buttons or icons, 
> not the same lights... this is an objective problem, I think.

The CSD and non-CSD windows could be made the same, and I'd argue this is a bug in Greybird and any other themes where these differ.

> - Maybe for some users like you the "roll" feature is nonsense, but it 
> is very useful. If XFCE want to be user-focused as always, dropping 
> these features could be considered a step backward.

I agree that we shouldn't move backwards with these sorts of features, and there might be ways for us to handle this within Xfwm. It requires further exploration.

> But, you wrote some ideas I consider interesting: Maybe if you proceed 
> to add CSD but you ensure some users like me can start these 
> applications with gtk3-nocsd or GTK_CSD=0 and they could work fine, this 
> could be a good solution to bring happiness to all users.

Definitely. Any place where we are not explicitly using headerbars (e.g. we use CSD titlebar decorations), turning CSD off is just a matter of the GTK_CSD=0 flag. In theory, we could add this to the settings manager.

> The ones who like CSD could follow the new XFCE standard out-of-the-box, 
> and the ones who hate that could force no-csd and being happy.

I think there's an inherent risk to depending on gtk3-nocsd in general. As the project page states, it's a hack. And it hasn't seen updates since 2016.


> So I suggest could be interesting to add a configuration parameter in 
> Control Panel to switch on or off the CSD and it will be great.
> What do you think?

Whatever we do, we don't want to alienate our users and our developers. It's hard to strike a balance between users that want new features and those that don't like change, and this happens to be a particularly divisive change.

> Thanks a lot for your time and efforts. ;)
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