Binaries for Debian & better support for multi monitors ?

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On 26. August 2019 Jean-Philippe Combe <jphcombe at> wrote:

> Could somebody tell me where can I find binaries for XFCE 4.14 for
> Debian Linux ?  (I searched unsuccessfully) because I would replace my
> Xubuntu by a Debian.

In Debian new versions of packages are fairly well scrutinized. They go
through a number of repositories. The procedure is like:
 (experimental) → unstable → testing → stable → oldstable → oldoldstable

Most packages enter the pipeline at unstable/sid. See the Wikipedia
article on Debian for the supposed meaning of the different

You may search Debian repositories at this URL:

XFCE 4.14 is very fresh. As to be expected, it is available in unstable

You can see the history of this package on its Debian developer page:
The top of the page gives reasons why this specific package is not
available in testing, yet. There is no migration to "stable" on the
developer page. This is because at some point the whole of testing is
declared to be the new "stable". Last time this release happened, was
about six weeks ago. Unlike most other distros Debian does not release
at predefined calendar dates. They release when "testing" does not
contain any release critical error. Lately, the release cycle tended to
be about 25 months. 

> Also, does XFCE 4.14 has an improved support for multi monitors that
> has the version of XFCE in Xubuntu 18.04 ?

No idea.
I'd look up the release notes of XFCE 4.14 .


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