Survey: vertical vs deskbar panel

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Tue Mar 21 12:10:11 CET 2017

El 06/03/17 a las 14:57, killermoehre escribió:
> Hi,
> to better narrow the focus of the upcoming release the Devs got a
> question for us users:
> Who is using the panel in vertical mode instead of deskbar mode and why?
> Feel free to answer. Please also mention if there is any plugin usable
> for you only in vertical mode. Suggestions how to improve plugins in
> deskbar mode are also welcome.


I'm using horizontal panels.

One, on top, that contains windows buttons, apps menu, notification area 
and other elements.

And one at bottom that I use as a launch bar with a lot of apps 
launchers. It is an easy and fast way to have access to apps I 
frequently use.

As I have two monitors I also have a top pannel in the secondary one, 
but its behavior is the same as the top pannel in the main monitor.

You can see an screenshot here:


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