Survey: vertical vs deskbar panel

houghi houghi at
Thu Mar 16 13:53:09 CET 2017

On 2017-03-16 11:51, Zaphod wrote:
> I use it in deskbar mode at the bottom.
> Depending on the plugin, right-clicking the icon will either open up a
> menu from the plugin or a menu from the panel. I think it depends on
> whether or not it's in the notification area or not. Some consistency 
> in
> that would be a nice feature but I think that might be more in the
> wheel-house of the specific plugin developers.
> On 03/06/2017 05:57 AM, killermoehre wrote:
>> Hi,
>> to better narrow the focus of the upcoming release the Devs got a
>> question for us users:
>> Who is using the panel in vertical mode instead of deskbar mode and 
>> why?
>> Feel free to answer. Please also mention if there is any plugin usable
>> for you only in vertical mode. Suggestions how to improve plugins in
>> deskbar mode are also welcome.

I have 4 screens and depending on them I use it vertically and 
The vertical ones I use because I like it better. It also is not in the 
way of e.g. the brower. It gives me just a bit more brower estate, as 
text tend to go not as wide. Think e.g.

As screens are wider than they are long I can put two of them next to 
each other and still have a good experience.

The horiwontal ones I use for e.g. the screen that I use to watch 
movies. They will no be in the way of where the movie is. I make that 
one transparent when I am not over it, have it in front of other 
programs, so I do not see it when I watch a movie, but can go and change 
to a diffeent desktop if I so desire.

As I have different screens, I have had issues with (I think. Unable to 
verify as I am not on my machine) the volume that only was able to show 
on one at a time.

Kind regards,


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