Review: Korona Live

ToddAndMargo ToddAndMargo at
Wed Jan 25 21:54:21 CET 2017

Hi All,

Korora is a live spin Fedora Core 25 and Xfce 4.12.
Its goal is to provide a working desktop right off the spin.

I had a customer call me who was running M$ Vista.  Well Fargo
bumped him for being unsupported by M$.

[editorial comment]
       If Wells Fargo cared a wit about security, they wouldn't allow
       Internet Explorer or Windows for that matter at all, but ...
[/editorial comment].

When I arrived, I found that his system had reverted to factory
default.  Everything was gone.  He did not know what he did
to cause this (he selected factory reinstall on boot in bios).

So I showed him Korora live (it has ublock orgin in Firefox).
He likes it and told me to put it on.


Pluses:  It is a nice package with several of the things customer's
use already loaded.  Libre Office was a real plus as it is a large


1) in an attempt to be cute, it is way, way too "artsy fartsy".  The icons
are not what you expect to see.  You have to hover over them to see
what they are.  This is cute, but anti intuitive.   They do not include
the regular icons so you can change them back.

2) in desktop setting, I was unable to select an alternate file path
for the back drops.  The file system was grayed out.

3) Xfce Pol-Kit was not working.  This means I had to fire up the
printer setup utility from the command line as root.  When run
as a user, everything was grayed out and Xfce Pol-Kit did not
prompt for elevation.  The lack of elevation was not limited
to the printer setup utility

Next time, I will stick with the regular live spin.

I carry Libre Office with me on a stick, so its size is not a
big issue.   And I can easily dnf shotwell and kpat.

That being said, the customer said his computer was multiple
times faster and was tickled.  He really only uses Firefox,
and once he figured out the artsy farsty blur ball icon,
he was very happy.


Computers are like air conditioners.
They malfunction when you open windows

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