Problems with 4.12

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Mon Sep 26 02:07:44 CEST 2016

Rich Shepard <rshepard at> schrieb am 25. September 2016:

>    The major problem is that I cannot open a urxvt terminal from the
> panel. Nothing happens when I click on that icon.

works over here. Are you sure, the urxvt binary is still available
installed on your system? It may have been removed during the upgrade.

> Thinking it was a
> configuration problem I deleted ~/.config/xfce4 (rather than backing
> it up). Makes no difference.
>    Minor issues are configuring xfce4 the way I've used it since 1.0
> (or prior, I started using it in 1997). I no longer find a settings
> tool to get rid of the desktop icons,

   -> Desktop
      -> Icons 
         (un-check all items in the list on the bottom of the dialogue) 

> change the window manager frame (there used to be multiple styles)

   -> Window Manager
      -> Style
         (Lots of themes in the list. Many are probably contained in the
         Debian package xfwm4-themes)

>, or remove the worthless (to me) manu on the window frame.

> When I do open a vt it comes up with the default directory of
> ~/Desktop.
Probably, you right-mouse-click on the desktop. The menu item says, "open
terminal here". And this is precisely, what it does...

> I've never used that for anything and
> want to have terminal windows open at ~/. 

I use a keyboard shortcut to open a terminal:

    -> Keyboard
       -> Application Shortcuts
          -> Add
             -> enter the command (e.g. xfce4-terminal) and your
             preferred key combo. I like super-x, where "super" is the
             windows key.

All of these can also be configured with the xfce4-settings-editor. But
this registry like application makes it harder because it does not
provide a range of possible values.

Hope, that helps.

Kai-Martin Knaak
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