Screen not repainting

Ernest Adrogué nfdisco at
Fri Nov 11 11:34:28 CET 2016

2016-11- 9, 01:30 (+0100); Ulli Horlacher escriu:
> On Sun 2016-04-03 (10:41), Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> > ​Do you have the compositor enabled?
> > 
> > Go to "Window Manager Tweaks", select "Compositor" Tab, un-select "Display
> > fullscreen overlay windows directly", does it make any difference?
> Just for the records: This hint helped me!
> I was figthing for HOURS with a nasty bug:
> On an older Core2-PC with nvidia quadro PCI-E display card and Xubuntu
> 16.04 (fresh install) I have had the effect that my X11 display was
> replaced with the one when I started X11, after switching the workspace.
> I have to refresh the display with twice Alt-F11 to see the real display
> again.
> Disabling display composition fixed this problem!
> Perhaps a bug in the nvidia xorg driver (NOUVEAU)?

It's not specific to nvidia, because I use the radeon driver and I see the
same bug.

Now I have disabled the option "Display fullscreen overlay windows
directly".  Let's see if it goes away.


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