XFCE 4.12 - F24 - Window Maximise behaviour

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On 6 December 2016 at 09:42, Lorenzo Sutton <lorenzofsutton at gmail.com>

> Recently upgrading from Fedora 23 to 24 (so both XFCE 4.12 (note: this
> wasn't an actual softeare upgrade. but a fresh install as I also installed
> a new hard disk)).
> I noticed (a change in default behaviour of 'maximised' windows, where
> essentially upon maximising the window frame is removed (including top bar
> with title etc.
> I assume this is similar to Gnome 3 behaviour.
> Now while this works well for 'gnome-oriented' applications (i.e. ones
> which have standard max/un-maximise and close buttons within the window
> space), as you get more screen estate and no redundant functionality with
> the window title + functionality directly provided by the application. Yet
> it can prove to be problematic for 'normal' applications, especially when
> wanting to quickly un-maximise and possibly move the window.
> What I'm wondering is if there is any trick to have best of both worlds,
> i.e. detect 'gnome-oriented' applications and non, and maximise
> accordingly, therefore maintaining the typical window frame.

Can you give some example of application where you see this?

For server side decorations, an application /can/ ask for the title bar to
be hidden when maximized, but those who don't will still have the title bar
visible when maximized (there is also an option for force the title bar to
be hidden when maximized for server side decorations in

For client side decorations (CSD for short), the application itself is in
charge and the window manager won't draw the title bar or resize handles,
so there is not much it can do there.

Either way, no change in xfce wrt this.

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