How can I disable CSD (client side decorations)?

Klaus Zeitler info at
Tue Aug 9 21:58:36 CEST 2016


>>>>> "Olivier" == Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at> writes:
    Olivier> Quite frankly, it's a case of don't do that.
    Olivier> CSD is not just about decorations, it's an entire UI
    Olivier> design. If you don't want apps using CSD, simply use other
    Olivier> apps.
    Olivier> xfce 4.12 has all the required bits to properly support CSD
    Olivier> in gtk+ and crippling the WM to avoid CSD is just plain
    Olivier> wrong.

I tried to see for a while, if I might get used to this new style, but
still can't see, what it's good for. I don't like neither the odd
transparent frame nor the overlay scrollbar. I have yet to see an
application where it makes sense (to me) to overwrite the window
decorations set via my WM. So finally I've decided to ditch CSD
Getting rid of the overlay scrollbar was easy:
And thanks to gtk3-nocsd I could also easily remove those odd
transparent frames. The only 2 applications that bothered me
currently were eog and evince. I've now defined these 2 aliases:
 alias eog="gtk3-nocsd eog"
 alias evince="gtk3-nocsd evince"
This way I don't cripple the WM :-), instead I have to deliberately
turn off CSD for each application where I dislike it (fortunately
I don't need many).

Maybe in the long run it's best to use other applications instead,
e.g. feh instead of eog and okular instead of evince.


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