Move window to workspace behavior changed

Klaus Zeitler info at
Tue Aug 9 22:31:09 CEST 2016

with the upgrade to openSUSE 42.1 I've noticed, that moving (sending) a
window to another workspace no longer switches the workspace as it used
to do in previous Xfce versions. I can see (and have from time to time)
a use case for this behavior as well as for the old one. But I've
noticed that most of the time I'd prefer the old way of switching the
desktop as well. I couldn't find a way to get the old behavior back
and wonder if there's a magic variable or if I can bind my keys to
a different Xfce action/function.

Just for fun I wrote a simple script that e.g. moves a window and
switches to desktop 3:

xdotool set_desktop_for_window `xdotool getactivewindow` 2
xdotool set_desktop 2

Works fine. But I wonder what the best (proper) solution is? And how can
I figure out the key that was pressed in such a script?



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