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> Technology has given some of us wonderful huge displays.
> Consequently, maximize window isn't what it used to be, and can even
> be a landmine and explosion of light.
> I suspect a lot of us would be more satisfied if the screen size
> selections were the last two or three screen sizes created by
> resizing the window, or to minimize. Or at least they came from a
> configuation file or something of the sort.

I'm not sure I understand you. You want two or three buttons to resize
the window to two or three different, preset, sizes? Or do you want the
maximize button to cycle through a list of layouts?

You might want to look into wmctrl, then you can add keyboard bindings
that will resize the window to specific sizes, positions and anything
else you might want. Or devilspie, to have a specific window always
open at a specific screen or desktop with a certain geometry, for

Or use the right or middle mouse button when you click the maximize
button to only resize horizontally or vertically respectively.

You can also assign keyboard bindings to tile or fill windows under
Settings -> Window Manager -> Keyboard, maybe that gives you an
alternative to what you want.

Would any of these options help you? With the right tools X is really
flexible in what it will let you do.


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