Do I need xfce4-power-manager (and bluetooth) runnning on a desktop?

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Tue Nov 10 19:33:52 CET 2015

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Mark Ballard <markjballard at> wrote:

>Okay I know I don't need Bluetooth running on my desktop. Should it really
>be a startup application in Xubuntu Studio?

Xubuntu Studio might have the answer. Xfce is only the desktop
environment. They did not enable it by default, the developers of the
operating system did. 

>And do I need the power manager running? That's also in the startup apps,
>and things are getting a bit pokey round here. It's not clear from the
>manpages whether it is intended only for laptops and similar. Should it
>really be a startup application in Xubuntu Studio?

Power manager does serve a purpose, besides watching battery power on
laptops. It can be used to allow a desktop computer to suspend and
hibernate, as well as turning the monitor off when not needed.

>(Congratulations, btw, for the marvelous xfce4 environment. I do think it
>my duty as a user to squeek like a wheel that needs oil about bugs and
>issues. That's the bit users can do to help. That I think the system is
>brilliant should be implied by my commitment to it. But infrequent,
>sometimes evasive replies from devs does make me wonder if there is a
>bunker mentality, or a weak toleration of users as inferior creatures, and
>only a faint understanding of the amount of spare time users must consume
>firefighting and reporting rampant linux bugs.)

It is also the users duty to get the bugs to the right people. Xubuntu
Studio is not Xfce, it is a separate entity with their bug reporting in

I am sure the developers of Xfce appreciate you kind words about their

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