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Jape Person <japers at> wrote:

> >> Your description describes precisely my experience with Xfce in the
> >> Debian testing environment on four very different systems. All were
> >> installed from different installation images (though all were netinst).
> >> One is an upgrade all the way from Lenny, the most recent install was
> >> from RC2 of the Jessie installer done last week. The other two systems
> >> fall in between insofar as original .iso image.

> >> Three of the systems are notebooks with volume and mute-unmute keys and
> >> behave exactly as you say wrt those keys. Mute kills everything, unmute
> >> only unmutes the master setting. And unmuting from the panel applet only
> >> unmutes master, also. I have to open the mixer control to unmute
> >> headphone, speaker, PCM, whatever.  

> > This is due to an incompatibility between the sound system, and the driver reading the keys.
> > IIRC one of the sound systems (asla ?) has a muting command the toggles mute/umute while the other (Pulseaudio ?) has one mute command, and one umute.

> > So if the key driver is set for one sound system, and you use the other, you are buggered.
> >
> > And the same applies to the default panel volume control app.

> Thank you for the information.
> Time for a little experimentation.

At one time to solve this I used a one-line script to toggle the mute; it contained:

amixer -D pulse set Master Playback Switch toggle &> /dev/null
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