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> Your description describes precisely my experience with Xfce in the 
> Debian testing environment on four very different systems. All were 
> installed from different installation images (though all were netinst). 
> One is an upgrade all the way from Lenny, the most recent install was 
> from RC2 of the Jessie installer done last week. The other two systems 
> fall in between insofar as original .iso image.
> Three of the systems are notebooks with volume and mute-unmute keys and 
> behave exactly as you say wrt those keys. Mute kills everything, unmute 
> only unmutes the master setting. And unmuting from the panel applet only 
> unmutes master, also. I have to open the mixer control to unmute 
> headphone, speaker, PCM, whatever.

This is due to an incompatibility between the sound system, and the driver reading the keys.

IIRC one of the sound systems (asla ?) has a muting command the toggles mute/umute while the other (Pulseaudio ?) has one mute command, and one umute.

So if the key driver is set for one sound system, and you use the other, you are buggered.

And the same applies to the default panel volume control app.
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