ANNOUNCE: xfdashboard 0.3.5 released

Stephan Haller nomad at
Sat Jan 10 13:23:05 CET 2015

xfdashboard-0.3.5 "Keyboard unchained" was released on 2015-01-10.

This is a development release.

About xfdashboard

Maybe a Gnome shell like dashboard for Xfce





Release notes for 0.3.5

* New feature: Implemented configurable key-bindings. So there
  are no more hard-coded keys in xfdashboard anymore, except for
  ESC to clear search-box and quitting application. The application
  will first lookup a user-defined keyboard binding configuration
  file 'xfdashboard/bindings.xml' at user's configuration folder
  which is ${HOME}/.config/xfdashboard/bindings.xml usually. If
  this file is not found, it will lookup a system-wide keyboard
  configuration file which is a default one - usually installed
  at /usr/share/xfdashboard/bindings.xml. The application will
  quit with error if none was found. (#35, #41)
* New feature: Allow changing theme at run-time by modifying the
  xfconf property "/theme". As soon as this value changes the
  new theme is applied. Sadly this also breaks current theme API.
  All references in CSS and XML files to class XfdashboardStage
  have to be replaced with new actor XfdashboardStageInterface.
  The new actor shares the same stylable properties and all
  changes will be applied to the old actor on-the-fly. So consider
  XfdashboardStageInterface is a one-to-one in-place replacement
  for XfdashboardStage. (#59)
* Fixed reflecting geometry changes of a window in window view by
  ensuring that XfdashboardWindowContent returns always the right
  size of window (#54)
* Fixed command-line parameter "--help" to show help again when
  Glib version 2.40 or higher is used (#38)
* Updated files to year 2015. BTW: Happy new year to everyone :)
* Fixed memory corruption when releasing lower-case coverted strings
  in applications search provider. This bug was seen when someone
  tried to lookup more than one keyword in search - when space
  was pressed. (#61)
* Lots of smaller improvements. Especially because of the newly
  introduced key bindings.
* Lots of other smaller bug-fixes


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