Panel gets stuck

Grant emailgrant at
Mon Mar 17 21:30:25 CET 2014

>> Has anyone else noticed the panel autohide can get stuck?  This thread
>> describes the problem although I don't suspend:
>> I'm trying the fix described in the last post but is there a bug
>> report for this?
> So, you lock your screen and/or go into a power saving mode and you are
> saying this fixes it: xfce4-panel -r

I don't think my issue has to do with a power saving mode or locked
screen, although it's possible it is related to xautolock I suppose.
'xfce4-panel -r' does fix it.

> And Also setting the panels to not be full width, works?

I'm testing that now.  No stuck panel yet.

> What version xfce-panel are you running?

I'm using xfce4-panel-4.10.1 on Gentoo.

- Grant

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