wanted: lightweight image viewer / editor?

Kristian Rink kawazu428 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 12:23:39 CET 2014


I am looking for a gtk+ based image browsing / viewing / editing 
application that meets the following needs:

- Simple image editing - basically I just need scaling and rotation;

- quickly adding EXIF keywords to image files (CTRL+T or something like 

- Browsing of all images in folders, with the option to do batch-editing 
on some (tagging, rotation, scaling, ...).

So far I am using gthumb and this does most of what I want, yet in 
recent versions (3.3.x), gthumb has at least worsened by not respecting 
my gtk theme settings anymore (and, thus, being too dark for everyday 
use). So I am searching for a replacement. Ristretto is nice but lacks 
editing features. eog seems to mostly suck. Shotwell is too heavy for my 
tastes... Any other options I should consider? What are you using for 
that, at the moment?

TIA and all the best,

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