Many GTK warnings

houghi houghi at
Mon Mar 3 00:27:42 CET 2014

On Sun, Mar 02, 2014 at 08:41:21PM +0100, houghi wrote:
> A nice example is yad. When you run `yad --calendar` you get two lines of
> errors.
> GtkSettings::gtk-button-images and GtkSettings::gtk-label-select-on-focus
> When you run `yad --calendar --no-buttons` you get no error untill your
> mouse goes over the window.
> So no gtk-button-images errors as no buttons are shown. The second error
> only when there is a focus.

So I have solved THIS issue by going to testing (jessie) completely.
I have done the upgrade according to this:
or if you like a shorter URL.

I might have some other issues, but that will have to wait and see if I
get a solution otherwise.

So to me it IS partly distro dependent as I did not get any warnings about
conflicts at all when I went to 4.10 as described here :

Anywho, thanks for the pointers everybody. Hope this might solve the issue
for others who are having the same issues.

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