Xfce is very slow, part 2

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Tue Jan 14 18:37:17 CET 2014

Hello Hartmut,

On Tue, 14 Jan 2014 18:06:54 +0100 Hartmut Haase <hha4491 at web.de> wrote:

> Xubuntu 13.10 + Xfce 4.10
> Hi,
> as my first thread about that topic is now confusing and people are starting to insult each other let me try a new one.

Good idea, I stopped following the thread when the ratio signal/noise
went too high. Amazingly, that thread didn't reach the Godwin point yet, did
it? ;-)

> I just put the gnome-system-monitor (is there a better one?) into the panel for better watching. CPU is less than 10%, memory 335/994, swap 173/1027
> 1. Another user behaves the same way.
> 2. I still don't understand what haapens if I uninstall gvfs.
> 3. Edit /usr/share/gvfs/mounts/network.mount and change AutoMount=true to AutoMount=false: no effect
> 4. C) Really bad HDD performance: my HDD is the newest part of the PC

Tracking slownesses is not easy. Maybe you could use the GNOME's system
monitor applet to see if the amount of IOWait eaten time explains why
you feel your desktop as slow (IOWait grows when you the CPU is busy
communicating on buses like for instance USB but also internal disk
buses or channels). From Xfce panel, you can run it through an XFApplet
instance. Make sure you set the IOWait to a different color value than
the other Processor colors.


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