Xfwm window borders do not respond to touch screen

Rene Dohmen rene at formatics.nl
Tue Sep 10 01:29:03 CEST 2013


It feels like i've the same problem. Did you find a solution? I really like
xfce4 and want to use it a touchscreen desktop.

I have a Ubuntu 12.04.3 with latest 3.8 kernel. We have it on all the touch
screens here. Quanta Optical touch and Penmount.
You can't move a window with touch, maximise or close it.

is XFCE useable/tested on touch devices? Feels like a lot of tweaking for
things like single click to launch apps from desktop and to get the close
button 250% size.
I'm building a touch friendly theme now. But I wonder if I should continue?
Without the ability to close a window from the touchscreen, I still need
mouse or keyboard..

Kind Regards
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