Xfwm4 4.11 vs Compton

zuke zukeprime at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 05:49:04 CET 2013

Hey all,
Xubuntu 13.10, 64 bit. I've recently discovered Compton as a
"replacement" for the xfce compositor.  It works great and I'm really
enjoying it. It's pretty much fixed the horrible tearing I was
experiencing with VLC and firefox...the standard stuff.  I also really
like the subtle compositing, not too garish and quick.

I've been using Xubuntu since 12.04, and I'm normally in the habit of
enabling the xfce-dev 4.10 and 4.12 ppas, since I've never had an issue
with them and enjoyed seeing the bleeding edge.

I'm curious if the new Xfwm 4.11 sync to vblank will interfere with
Compton or if I should ppa-purge the Compton repo before enabling the
xfce dev ppas.  I'm not much of an expert, just a Linux "tinkerer," so
any thoughts would be appreciated.

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