Xfwm4 4.11 vs Compton

Guillaume Laville laville.guillaume at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 09:05:46 CET 2013


I daily use xfwm-4.11 on Ubuntu 13.10 and Archlinux with Compton,
using Intel/NVIDIA graphic cards and the GLX backend, without problems.

Without Compton, I still have tearing while playing blu-rays using VLC,
with or without the new xfwm4 "sync to vblank" setting.

This setting can in any case be enabled/disabled in the "compositor"
settings panel,
should you have any issue, so keeping both repositories enabled is fine.

2013/11/4 zuke <zukeprime at gmail.com>

> Hey all,
> Xubuntu 13.10, 64 bit. I've recently discovered Compton as a
> "replacement" for the xfce compositor.  It works great and I'm really
> enjoying it. It's pretty much fixed the horrible tearing I was
> experiencing with VLC and firefox...the standard stuff.  I also really
> like the subtle compositing, not too garish and quick.
> I've been using Xubuntu since 12.04, and I'm normally in the habit of
> enabling the xfce-dev 4.10 and 4.12 ppas, since I've never had an issue
> with them and enjoyed seeing the bleeding edge.
> I'm curious if the new Xfwm 4.11 sync to vblank will interfere with
> Compton or if I should ppa-purge the Compton repo before enabling the
> xfce dev ppas.  I'm not much of an expert, just a Linux "tinkerer," so
> any thoughts would be appreciated.
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